Muay Thai-Boxing-Kickboxing

"Specializing in the Teaching and Training of

Individuals in the Great Sport of Muay Thai"


​​We take great pride in our Youth Muay Thai Program

Our Youth Muay Thai program starts kid's off, as early as, 6 years old, building a strong foundation for a life long journey in Martial Arts.

We do have  a Youth Fight Team, where we regularly compete in full contact

Muay Thai or Kickboxing Events.

Muay Thai will soon be an Official Olympic Sport 

and USMF Scouts are at these events.

2018 USMF Youth Developmental League Participants

 Chicago, Illinois

Tobias Traylor - 9 years old

Easton Davila - 9 years old

Daniel Nassar -8 years old

David Nassar - 13 years old

Jasmine Martinez Allen - 14 years old

Achievements : TBA-Sanctioning Muay Thai Classic 

National Championship Tournaments


TBA 2018 Finalist-Eli Larson-10 years old-Silver Medal

TBA 2018 Semi Finalist Tobias Traylor - 9 years old-Bronze Medal

TBA 2018 Semi Finalist-Miriah Engstrom 10 years old-Bronze Medal

TBA 2017 Finalist-Elijah Larsen 9 years old-Silver Medal

TBA 2017 Semi Finalist-Tobias Traylor 8 years old-Bronze Medal

TBA 2016 Finalist-Austin Ulberg 8 years old-Silver Medal

TBA 2016 Semi Finalist-Tobias Traylor 7 years old-Bronze Medal